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This is a great bag. I am a teacher and use it to carry work back and forth from home to school. It is strong and has many compartments.
Quality made but rather thick and heavy. Become uncomfortably hot and sweaty. Ended up buying Fruit of the Loom and much happier.
cheap basic shorts
Bought the size small for my 7 year old. My 5 year old wears the XS so figured it would fit -- however, you can put the XS and the S on top of each other and appear to be the exact same are very tight on my 7 year old. Not happy. Still keeping them as they fit the little one.
As advertised.
Too big for my head.
Clasp busted
I found it too small.
Love this shirt! Fits perfectly. I am a size large in most shirts. Sometimes large shirts expose my belly when I stretch my arms and I hate this. Extra large is too baggy and looks like Im wearing a bag. This shirt fits just right. It has the large size measurements and also has extra length so when I stretch my body is always covered. Furthermore, the material is comfortable and of good quality.
The first and only time I wore it out, the strap broke. Very upsetting. I was so excited to wear it out in public. Very cute. Made very cheap.
Wear a size US 10. I have two pair for now. Heavy duty socks. Worth it.
Very durable as well as nicely made.
It's terrible. The best price is the hylian symbol but the chains we got were too small and some were broken. The actual peices are good looking besides the red one. We had to break one charm to make another fit
I bought these and they were ok. The clarity though the lens was a bit distorted, but they were usable. The lens fell out, however, just past the return window - so now I have an unusable pair of sunglasses. I will have to try a different brand.

Update - finally found contact info for the manufacturer and they claim they are sending me a new pair. Amazon Customer Service wanted to charge me a restocking fee to take them back - first time I was disappointed by Amazon Customer Service.
My wife is so glad that she found this. She can't stand lugging around her entire purse everywhere she goes (can't say I don't blame her). She has been looking forever for an over the shoulder wallet that can hold all her wallet stuff, her phone (6" screen), a woman item, clip on her keys and be able to easily access her cards and change. I think she must have said "this thing is awesome" a hundred times so far. If you are like her - I'd say give this one a shot, you'll likely be pleased.
A mi hijo le encant!! Tiene 9 aos y tiene todas las funciones que quera.
I really like the bracelets. The little card that came with it has a qr code that doesnt work and a website that is inaccessible to Americans. The card offers a free gift if you scan it.. maybe you shouldnt put the card in the box when you ship to Americans?
This purse is just perfect!! So comfortable, great size, the gold color is nice and best of all its Vegan!
Fits as expected.
HAVE 4 pairs of these, fit perfect, super durable.
Sure,Not as good as I expected
My husband found his old wallet and preferred it to this wallet I bought him as a replacement. Instead of returning it, I started using it and love it!! Its so nice and small compared to what I was using. I also like the look and feel so... *shrug* Ill be using it! & itll make life easier going from a big purse to a small crossbody.
Nice and simple
The fit and the color are fine but the material is like no other t-shirt I've owned time will tell how it wears.
Marvelous value for the price. Well stitched and well-made throughout. Much better than the cheap stuff I had been using.
Well they were realy small to a baby's head, i was sceard that they would break when i put them on!?
Good price Great quality
I like because a fit as expected, Feeling very comfortable and soft .