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Love it! Love all the pockets and space, yet it's not too big. Shipped fast. Great quality for the price ! Just didn't look at the picture very well , I thought it was black with silver buckles and zippers but it is gold. It's ok though , I dont mind that. I love it!
After first wash it fit perfect. Great shirt!!! It's just as nice as my Nike Dri-Fit.
When I opened the package the shorts came in and unfolded them, I noticed a burn mark on the leg of the shorts, very strange! I immediately went through the process of returning them and learned I can return them to kohls. The next morning I grab the shorts and notice something in the pocket. There was a lighter in the pocket of the shorts which explains the burn mark on the leg! I have never seen anything like this before. Obviously someone had worn the shorts (there were no tags on them) forgot their lighter in the pocket and returned them. The thing that surprises me the most is that nobody checks the pockets after an item is returned?! This easily could have started a fire on the mail truck. Very disappointed. I have another order of the same pair of shorts on their way, so well see how the second pair is.
Definitely not comfort soft. As another person indicated, appears to be a knockoff. Arrived in clear plastic bag. My shirts had a hanes tag sewn in and were not tagless. They made it through the wash but I always wash in cold and dry on low heat. I thought I buying from Hanes or at least an authorized dealer.
This item arrived just before a foot of fine powder snow and single digit temperatures. When I went out to run my new snowblower (with cab) it took about two hours to finish the job. I especially appreciate the breathing patch. It didn't need too much-frequent adjustment to keep where it needed to be. My face was nice and warm when I took it off.
The last time I did the same job in the same conditions without this item my jaw and teeth hurt terribly.
I'd say it was worth every penny
these pants run small of what they say the size will be
Great price and product
The color assortment was very disappointing. For the picture they show vibrant colors and what really came was greys, tan and black.
kind thin from the under shirts i was used to but for now it will get the job done
Product casual and very comfortable.
Perfectly fine socks. They just came loose (not in a package that said socks or brand or size or anything) but that doesnt affect quality. Great deal!
This has been my go to bag all summer. No hassle getting in the movies or concerts. I get skip right through bag check! I get so many compliments on this bag.
Super nice backpack, great price!
Great shirt. Having a hard time understanding the x temp. Feels just like any t-shirt. Maybe when its over 100 degrees in the plant, it ceases being special.
Love these earrings! Just as advertised, a fun piece of flair to any outfit.
Great everyday basic sock. Well padded, doesnt slip or bunch up.
The shirts themselves are fine, but small would fit 7 year old boy
Fit nicely
Nice glasses. Great look and weight to them.
The gray ones kept their size and fit very nice, however the black ones shrank a lot, like moving from L to S.
I love the fit, how they effectively block the glare, especially when driving towards the sun, and the price was quite reasonable.
:) They were for my husband, and as far as I can tell, he's very happy with them. He was used to loose boxers, so the snugness of the leg was new for him,( not *too* snug, just snug compared to the loose ones he was used to) but he decided he really liked it, and was pleased with the texture of the fabric (soft) so I imagine he'll want me to get the same kind next time around
Nice fit, did not slip down. Comfortable.
looks to be very sturdy, i have many dickies products and found them all to be of very good quality
size smaller and much tighter than size stated! Only incorrect purchase made from Amazon.
They are so pretty, very light!.Love it!!
Love these shirts!!!!! They are perfect to wear under a polo like I do for work.
Nice wallet for the price. Arrived on time and as expected. I prefer wallets where the license window is part of the wallet, versus part of a smaller case that can be used separately, so this really meets my needs. Could use a few more card slots - hence 4 stars - but that's really personal preference.
Great! Fits well, good color options.
This is a very slim wallet and I have enjoyed it so far. I can't feel it in my pocket much of the time, which is what I wanted. It has a surprising amount of storage. My only complaint is that with more cards added, they all start to bow a little.
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