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create my own case

I have prescription sunglasses and my prescription is pretty thick, so my sunglasses already don't fold all the way and keeping them in a regular case ends up messing the arm and making it sit unevenly on my face. So I decided to go with a cloth case. These are very soft and while four of these seemed a bit much for me, I couldn't really beat the price and reviews. They seem decent quality and I will definitely be using these a lot, even for my regular glasses!
Pocket was either ripped when delivered or while wearing it for the first time - my daughter opened her present containing this robe and immediately put it on. While opening presents I noticed the pocket had thread loose and retrieved scissors to cut off the thread but upon closer inspection it was clear that the thread was from the pocket and the whole seam was coming out. Didnt even get to use it once. Very disappointed - for the price the quality of the seam was awful and a waste of money
These are magic socks. I got the medium, and I have a women's size 10 foot. These are like running on clouds. Even after 10 miles, I can feel the cushion. Great socks, but I am not sure how long they will last yet.
My daugther loved it.
This necklace looks very basic but its customization allows this product to be perfect for anyone. I'm about 5 ft 8 inches and I bought a 20 inch length mid sized and it was perfect for me. Each color cross comes in 3 different sizes and 5 different lengths each for a total of 15 different combinations!
High quality for the price. Stitching seems solid. My only complaint is that they are a little short on me (I am 6ft tall).

I was impressed enough that I have ordered a second pair..
Super cute! Great and inexpensive gift for my bridesmaids. Nicer quality than I was actually expecting!
I really wanted to like this toqueit's thick, but light, and seems quite warm, but it's really oversized. If you enjoy wearing a winter hat that has baggy fabric that sticks up off of your head by at least 6 inches despite being pulled down as far as it can go, then you might like this style. If you prefer a hat that is more form-fitting to your head, though, keep looking unless you're a Conehead. I returned it for this reason (I'm not a Conehead and prefer hats that fit properly).
I have an "above average" size head (also a male) and these fit nice and snug. They sort of hug the back of your head with the spring tension from the frame, which keeps them firmly in place at all times. I love these sunglasses. VERY NICE fit and finish. The ones I received were also made in Italy.
Initially looked nice and is comfortable and light, but now it is rusty and it's hard to put on in general.
This purse has great style and quality. I love the multiple zip pockets, great for organizing. I recommend this purse, and I have many to compare to.
great product. good colors. No itchy tags. Comfortable fit.
Good shirt but came black, not as the color depicted
These are T-Shirts, not undershirts which my husband pointed out to me. I should have read a little closer but they'll do. They're too heavy for undershirt use during the summer but will be fine in the colder months.
Great wallet, but strong smell of chemicals! even after several weeks I can smell the chemicals even on my hand after use. I hope this will continue to dissipate over time.
These shorts fit well and the color was what I expected.
Great fit.
The watch is perfect for little girls.
I wasnt sure I wanted to try these, but Im glad I did. They are very helpful at night especially in highly congested areas.
Very nice quality, but I got both the black colors and they both came as crosshatch black. Not big enough of a deal to return tho so I am happy.
Great bag. Lightweight, easy on your shoulders. Well made.
Nice padded sock. Much better than other brands selling merino wool like smart wool. Thicker and feel like a higher quality.
Too thin. See through
Don't buy, not good looking, even i am body builder and have only 12% fat.
Elastic band a little thick. Have to get used to fit.
very cute earrings, exactly what i was looking for. but closing it is ridiculous - the part that you put in your ear (the post?) has to slide into the hole of the hoop, but it doesn't exactly line up easily. i couldn't close it while it was in my ear at all, but when i closed it while in my hand, it had to actually kind of bend slightly to go in. i ended up leaving them in my ear without fully closing it, i just pushed it so the post was against the hoop where it should go in, and they stayed in fine.
I have purchased 10 pairs of these boxers in different colors. They are comfortable and durable albeit somewhat pricey, but worth it.
Im a little disappointed because they were a Christmas gift for my son. The socks are fine but the package was ripped in multiple places and not new looking like a gift should be.étresse-décontracté